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Why do we?

April 19th, 2017, 8:39 am

The Native Americans (called Indians where I live 8-) ) used to ask this question. It's a question the white man should be asking themselves, for a change. The question was: if we have plenty, why would we want more?

In American speak that would be interpreted to say: if we have plenty, why do we always yearn for more and why do we think we NEED more?

IMPHHO, that's why america is in trouble in lots and lots of ways. We are greedy, we are obsessed with the idea of being a "superpower" which is completely stupid. Let each individual person and each individual country do as they please, even if it's wrong. The more we try to "control things" the worse "things" get. Just look around yourself and ask if that's not true?

For instance, Trump and his various homes. Does he really think people are impressed by all that glitz? I doubt it. I think most people are appalled at the absolute waste of it all. I know I'm appalled.
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