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Stuart Varney

April 5th, 2017, 8:38 am

Ok, I like to watch Stuart Varney in the a.m. for about an hour or so, just to catch up on whatever I missed the previous day of NOT watching. Today they were talking about mergers and acquisitions. This is when a larger conglomerate company buys out a smaller company. Now, I like Stuart Varney, BUT . . . he actually believes this is a good thing.


Has he thought this through? I mean, acquisitions generally are not a good thing IMPO, because this is how monopolies are created, for starters. Then, it is also putting small businesses out of business (usually) creating a loss of jobs and more people on the public dole; and it's been my experience that when big takes over smaller, the product(s) they make generally decline in quality. I've seen it happen multiple times. The ingredients used after the merger are cheaper, creating an even crappier product than we had before. Even the cotton used in clothing today is not the cotton your mother was used to having. Not even close.

Some German company (JAB or something) just bought out Panera Bread. We're supposed to think of this as a good thing? They also own Cover Girl, Lysol, Keurig (sp?) and several other iconic american brands. WTH???? So now we have american legendary companies being owned by Germans? I'll say it again - - WTH??

I think our country better start thinking about all these mergers and the CONSEQUENCES of what that really means. I know - to most of those big business doods it's just business as usual. But it's not that way for the rest of us. There are sometimes dire consequences. And bigger isn't always better, sometimes it's just bigger. :shock:

It's astounding to me how we don't blink anymore at the term Billion. People used to be shocked at the word Million, now we seem to accept TRILLION as commonplace. Where the hell is all of this going to lead?

No where good, you can bet on it.

The other thing about Stuart Varney - - he is CONSTANTLY talking about Amazon. Does he realize that Amazon (Jeff Bezos) is also the owner of the rag Washington Post? I'll never understand Varney's viewpoint because he works for FOX who is at loggerheads with WAPO almost all the time.

I have no clue where he is going with this adoration.
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