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 Post subject: Just a friendly warning!
PostPosted: January 2nd, 2015, 9:09 am 
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I think it's good to remember that, while using the 'net we come across things that sound like a really great idea. However, some of these ideas are just spur-of-the-moment "recipes" for homemade household cleaners etc., and really haven't been tested. OR if they have been tested, they haven't really been tested for very long. Soooooo, the thing to remember is that some of the DIY ideas you read about online aren't always what they're cracked up to be.

The headlines will usually say something about saving money by making your own, or staying away from chemicals or whatever. Which sounds great, right? Yeah, sure does. But the bottom line is this: some of these bloggers will write about things they haven't personally experienced or used, but they don't tell you that. They just make something up (such as a recipe I saw online this morning for homemade armour all wipes for your car) and go with it, before they know how it will really perform in the long run. This recipe called for baby oil and tea tree oil and a couple of other things. I would not be inclined to use baby oil on the interior of most cars today. It might have been ok to do this when all car interiors were made of the same cheapass plastic crap that came out in the 60's, but today many cars have real leather interiors and baby oil is probably not a real good idea for leather.

Sometimes these hair-brained ideas sound good when you first read about them, but turn out to be less than helpful. Sorta like all the crap online about detoxing and green drinks and exercising your brains out. NOW all of that stuff has been proven not to be such a great idea. See, people hear about something they think sounds logical and good, and then they run with it before they know for sure.

Not me. Something has to sound extremely logical and actually make sense before I try it. For instance, I've never been a big fan of forced detox measures for your body, I've never been a fan of juicing and green drinks and whey protein powders and crap like that, and I've always thought that over-exercising is wrong and not based on sound principles - a good walk is the best and least stressful exercise around, and some good stretching along with it - like yoga stretches that ease your body into wellness, not force it into overdrive. Well, over the past few years those things I mentioned have been proven to be true.

I feel the same about food recipes: if they sound logical, fine. But I have been messing around for years to find a decent homemade mayo recipe that doesn't require massive amounts of olive oil blended together with other stuff. That's not what real mayo is. Luckily, we use very little of the stuff so I use a recipe for cooked sauce that is very much like mayo. But part of the reason I kept looking is because I do not trust most brands of olive oil. They're rancid before they even leave the place they were produced, for the most part. I'm just not a big fan of olive oil because every bottle I've ever bought stinks when you open the lid - and the junk is extremely expensive - and then unuseable, to boot. Why would I make something that I want to taste good, with something that tastes bad to start with? Not only that but rancid oils are often oxidized and that's where the unhealthful part comes in.

So, just a reminder about something - if you decide to do some of the things you find online, think it through first, do some research, try to find out how long it's been done and what the real results were, etc. Don't just jump into doing something because it's "homemade" or DIY. That doesn't always make it a good thing. Sometimes just a little tweaking will make something a whole lot better than the original idea, so just think things through first.

Happy New Year and keep it simple. 8-) :mrgreen: :P


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