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 Post subject: 1/2 of the system is still broken
PostPosted: April 28th, 2017, 3:42 pm 
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The stupid healthcare law they were SUPPOSED to be fixing is what's still broken. It will remain broken until all of those mo-rons find their cajones and simply end obozocare and let it die, then start over with a new plan. If people get tossed off their healthcare plan, they just do. Then they'll know how those of us who were unable to "qualify for insurance - even obozocare" feel. I mean, it would be no different for them than for those of us who couldn't get the damn insurance anyway. I've been trying for over 30 years to get insurance and can find no one to take me, and I'M HEALTHY, relatively speaking. It's just been a crazy ride and even the insurance agents we've worked with don't/can't understand what's going on.

Our gubmint has absolutely NO intention of "fixing this". At this point I'd have to say guys like Mark Meadows are a helluva lot more optimistic about this whole damn thing than I am. I don't see it happening. We're gonna end up with basically what obozocare gave us before - high premiums, no coverage. For those of us getting older they want us to heavily depend on Medicare/Medicaid. It makes no sense at all, and how the hell does that save money for our country or our citizens???

It doesn't.

I found the quote below interesting because even my own doctor (who's been our family doctor for more than 30 years) didn't believe me or my DH when we told him that I simply could not get coverage from any insurance company because of pre-existing conditions. He was convinced obozocare took care of that. We told him how many insurance companies we contacted and how they all turned me down unless we wanted to pay ridiculously high premiums and have about a $25,000 deductible. Well, I don't NEED their "help" if that's what our gubmint or the insurance companies wanna call what they offered me.
. . . as USA Today pointed out, it “leaves many of the mandates from Obamacare in place,” including bans (emphasis mine) on charging men and women different rates and denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions.

That, my friends, is a huge lie and I'm here to tell people about it. And I'm not alone. I know several other people who've had exactly the same problem finding coverage as me because of so-called "pre-existing conditions".

Let me tell you something - - insurance you can't afford is not an answer to a problem.

I realize none of the CONgressmen nor our President have problems with paying their bills, but with the quotes we got from various insurance companies, I felt relieved that they wouldn't take me and that's a fact. As I've said here before, if you're alive you have a pre-existing condition.

The question everyone has been asking but no one has been answering? Right here:
Mr. President and Speaker Ryan, which is more important: getting it done fast or getting it done right?

No one on the Hill is concerned where this thing ends up, they just want to get something passed so they can say they did it. You know why? Because it doesn't matter what the american people think, need, want or ask for. You really think anyone at the top cares??!! They're gonna do what they're gonna do, and nothing more. Finding a real solution was never the goal.


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