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 Post subject: Grazing & soil health (and OUR health!)
PostPosted: March 28th, 2017, 9:06 am 
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I'm sorry, but this issue leads me to believe we have a whole cabal of people who live in lala land constantly. :roll:

There can never be totally grass-fed animals in the part of the country where I live. You might get by with 6 months out of the year, usually I'd guess closer to 5 months. You can put up alfalfa bales or loose alfalfa in the hayloft, but if you're running a good sized herd it won't be enough to get through most of our winters.

Also, a lot of the "grass-fed" animals are proclaimed to be totally grass-fed but if you probe a bit, you'll find that most ranchers will admit that they feed grain for the last 2 weeks to a month before slaughter. They claim it helps fatten the animals. Well, if they're using organic grains it might not be the worst idea I've ever heard, but if they're going to feed caustic, toxic, treated-with-chemicals non-organic grains, they've just undone months of grass-feeding goodness. I don't get it but lots of them do it.

This is a good article but not sure they're dealing in reality here.

The Best Grass Fed Certification for Dairy

Choosing grass fed dairy and meat is a powerful way to make a difference for your health, the environment and animal welfare. Ideally, get to know a farmer near you who is raising animals the right way, on pasture. If you don't know of such a farmer near you, it can be difficult to decipher truly grass fed products from those that may be fed silage, hay or even grains during certain times. [MINE: There's not a thing wrong with feeding hay, any kind of hay, as long as it's never been sprayed with toxic gunk.]

Fortunately, the American Grassfed Association (AGA) recently introduced much-needed grass fed standards and certification for American-grown grass fed dairy,16 which will allow for greater transparency and conformity.17 Prior to this certification, dairy could be sold as "grass fed" whether the cows ate solely grass, or received silage, hay or even grains during certain times. As reported by Organic Authority:18

"The new regulations are the product of a year's worth of collaboration amongst dairy producers like Organic Valley as well as certifiers like Pennsylvania Certified Organic and a team of scientists. 'We came up with a standard that's good for the animals, that satisfies what consumers want and expect when they see grass fed on the label, and that is economically feasible for farmers,' says AGA's communications director Marilyn Noble of the new regulations."

Considering how important a cow's diet is when it comes to the quality of its milk, especially when we're talking about RAW milk, as well as the potential for grasslands to restore health and diversity to the environment, I would strongly advise you to ensure your dairy is AGA certified as grass fed.

And, of course, there's always this:


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