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More FDA follies

April 18th, 2017, 1:48 pm

. . . and foibles.


The FDA is just a disgusting agency and needs to be done away with. Surely this country can do better than this. I feel much more confident taking care of myself than letting the FDA control either foods or drugs. Good Lord, when did we get stupid enough in america to let one agency take care of two of the most important aspects of our lives? What were we thinking?

I think a lot of these "agencies" were developed when CONgress was about ready to go on hiatus for some holiday (they sure have lots of them, not to mention a summer break after a 2 week spring break - they behave and get treated like college kids) meaning that an agency wasn't really "developed" it was shoved through because no one wanted to take the time to actually work on stuff.

Still happenin' today, too. The FDA is actually turning into a criminal organization, if it wasn't one already. IMPHHO, it already has been a criminal operation for about 70 years.
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