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 Post subject: Measles alert?
PostPosted: May 12th, 2017, 8:04 am 
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Oh brother. Talk about the liars! It isn't the people who are anti-vax who are the liars it's the phrMA people - and now the media is joining in the lies and calling for much worse than just talking about it.

At first I wasn't sure if this was just Mikey's sensationalist reporting or what, but it appears to be an actual thing. Someone at the Boston Herald better get their ass in a sling over this, not to mention a public belittling and a required public apology to the natural health world.

When the idiots at the Boston Herald and all the rest of the allopathic-believing idiots come to the realization that it's the vaccine CAUSING these outbreaks, they're not going to like themselves much for the lies and fear THEY'VE been spreading. Then again, they'll never admit they were wrong, will they?

= = = = = = = = =

This is from Mikey's e-newsletter today:


The Boston Herald is now openly calling for what is essentially government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, journalists and naturopathic physicians who express concern over mercury in vaccines.

In a disgustingly deranged, violent op-ed, the Boston Herald openly calls for myself and other scientists to be "hanged to death." This is not satire, they are seriously calling for the government to murder vaccine skeptics and independent scientists who expose the mercury still used in vaccines.

Click here for the astonishing details and full story. ( ... lists.html )

These actions by the Boston Herald consist of criminal intimidation and inciting domestic terrorism, and we need your help to file criminal complaints with the Boston FBI and Boston Police. If you are skeptical of the safety claims of vaccines, the Boston Herald insists that you, too, should be executed by the government. ( ... rents_fear )

We must fight back against this insane, deranged call for mass murder by the establishment media.

We especially need help from our readers and colleagues who live in Massachusetts and who may be targeted for death by the Boston Herald.

Click here for our emergency action item post which contains links to the FBI criminal complaint form, the Boston Police contact page, the Massachusetts Attorney General and the Boston Herald contact page. ( ... olice.html )

If the Boston Herald does not issue a retraction and apology, I am planning to publicly post the home addresses of all Boston Herald editorial staff as a public safety service to warn local citizens that insane, deranged, violent terrorists may be living in their neighborhoods and posing as journalists. These details will all be shared with the FBI.

The FBI and local police need to be repeatedly alerted to the fact that the Boston Herald is a dangerous, domestic terrorism organization which is now openly calling for the organized mass murder of independent journalists who compete with the Herald.

Stay turned to Natural News for details in this developing story. If you are a naturopath, journalist, scientist or chiropractor living in the Boston area, be aware that you may be targeted and even named on a "death list" by the Boston Herald at any moment, if it makes good on its promise to see you "hanged to death."

Yes, friends, this is what America has come to. We who dare to protect children from vaccine violence may soon find ourselves needing to take lawful measures to protect ourselves from the journo-terrorists at the Boston Herald who wish to see us murdered en masse.

More news breaking on this later in the day...


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