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 Post subject: fake news about supplements
PostPosted: April 24th, 2017, 1:09 pm 
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We're actually supposed to believe the words of that harpy Paul OFfit when it comes to supplements, when he in fact is constantly promoting vaccines KNOWN to do harm? Paul OFFit is only concerned about money. Whoever pays him the most to say whatever they want him to say gets his attention. He's not fussy, depending on the amount of zeros in the offer. If you ask me, HE'S the zero.

. . . all the dietary supplement detractors claim the supplement industry is unregulated when in fact it must comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). If the dietary supplement industry isn’t regulated it is filling out a lot of paperwork for nothing.

Dr. Hamblin also makes the same mistake of demanding dietary supplements provide evidence for their efficacy, which would categorically turn them into expensive prescription-only drugs.

Dr. Hamblin was trained to prescribe FDA-approved prescription drugs and like most medical doctors has little training in nutrition. The presumption that modern medicine holds high scientific ground is tainted by the FDA drug approval process. For some time now the FDA has been hiding outright fabrication of data and other misconduct used to approve drugs. [Journal American Medical Assn. Internal Medicine April 2015] No outrage by the anti-supplement critics over the FDAs egregious failure to regulate the pharmaceutical industry.

I claim the FDA has purposefully allowed marginal or outright criminal marketers of dietary supplements to advertise their products hoping they will kill enough Americans to create public outrage and force a stranglehold on the whole dietary supplement industry.

Dietary supplements are safer than tap water, aspirin, table salt, even food. There were no deaths from dietary supplements reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers in 2015. [Orthomolecular News ServiceJan 5, 2017]

Most phRMA drugs are NOT evidentiary insofar as their efficacy - much less their safety. Where do these guys get off claiming supplements are dangerous simply because they aren't "regulated" by some stupid gubmint agency?? The FDuh is in charge of approving bigphrMa drugs and just lookit the mess we've got on our hands. How much testing and science do you suppose took a hit when Vioxx came down the pipeline? After the initial word that it killed something like 68,000 people (and that's just an estimate) we hardly heard another word. If that had been a supplement, can you imagine what woulda happened? We'd STILL be hearing about it daily.

Great article here by Bill Sardi - - ->

Here's the best quote from the whole article!

All this commercialization and druggifcation of America is taking place when a recent survey showed 57% of respondents support removal of prescription drug ads from television and 58% oppose quicker drug approvals. [NBC NewsMay 11, 2016]

The worst channels are Hallmark (and it's many offshoots) and all cable news channels. They do back-to-back drug commercials, some of the individual commercials are like infomercials lasting about 3 minutes or more. It's insane. But as you can see by the above quote, what the PEOPLE want really doesn't matter. I also think the CONgressidiots who want speedy drug approvals are just that - idiots. We haven't thoroughly tested the stuff that's already ON the market, as is well proven by the vast amount of money paid out to victims of this insane logic.


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