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Easy Lemon Pudding

April 7th, 2017, 9:35 am

This really does sound easy to do. I'd leave out the zest, however, because I'm not into "straining" pudding! Too much unnecessary work.


Re: Easy Lemon Pudding

April 7th, 2017, 12:23 pm

I never strain zest form anything I'm making. It adds flavor and the natural oils from the zest where a lot of nutrition is.

Re: Easy Lemon Pudding

April 19th, 2017, 7:26 am

My grandkids don't like the lumps from the zest. I can't say I'm real big on that texture, either. I just leave it in there long enough for the flavor to be well-absorbed and then take it out. If I'm baking with it, it tends to "melt" and then no one knows it's there, like in cakes or lemon bars, lemon loaf, etc.
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